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Nightly Specials

July 11th Nightly Specials

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July 11th Nightly Specials

Tonight’s Specials

*Suggested Wine Parings


Cured Beef Tenderloin

chanterelle mushrooms, white asparagus   $13

*304 Ponzi “Tavola” Pinot Noir

“Cappellini” Canapé

white clam sauce   $12

*207 Sommer Gruner Veltliner Classic


Sautéed Trigger Fish

garden vegetables, garlic &

chili oil, roasted lemon,

heart of palm $24

*219 Steele Cuvee Chardonnay

Pizza of the Week $20      

“Study in Tomato”

ricotta, goat cheese, herbs

Hand Made Pappardelle $21

Buffalo Ragu

Soup du Jour $7

Chilled Asparagus & Leek

prosciutto & parmesan

Dessert $8

Vanilla Rum Coconut Cake

Cheesecake of the Week $7

Key Lime