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Nightly Specials

June 27th Nightly Specials

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June 27th Nightly Specials

Tonight’s Specials

*suggested wine parings


Scallop Crudo

warm citrus vinaigrette   11

*213 Vincent Delaporte Sancerre

Potato Gnocchi

prosciutto & mushrooms   9

*309 Zaccagnini Montepulciano


Baked Blue Cobia

fennel, leeks, potatoes, lemon pan sauce   27

*306 Schug Pinot Noir

Pizza of the Week    

Grilled Shrimp

summer vegetables, garlic, herbed ricotta, Georgia gouda 20

Hand Made Pappardelle   21    


creamy yogurt & basil

Soup du Jour   7

Minorcan Grouper Chowder

Dessert   8

Blackberry Cobbler

a la mode

Cheesecake of the Week   7

New York Style

raspberry sauce