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Nightly Specials

Saturday September 5th Nightly Specials

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Saturday September 5th Nightly Specials

Tonight’s Specials


Garlic Ricotta Crostini

with crispy pancetta, pickled red onion, muscadine jam   8


Minestrone   7


Bucatini Cacio e Pepe

house made pasta, Pecorino Romano, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, butter   9



Pan Seared Mahi Mahi

curried cauliflower, champagne hydrated golden raisins, garbanzo beans,

green olives, lemon, onion, parsley   27

Pizza of the Week

Pimento Cheese

with sun dried tomato, pancetta, peppadews, garlic oil, fresh herbs   20


Honey Peach Crème Brulée     8

NY Style Cheesecake with Amarena cherries   8