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Nightly Specials

Sunday November 8th Nightly Specials

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Sunday November 8th Nightly Specials

Tonight’s Specials


Bay Scallop Ceviche

poblano pepper, tomato, cilantro, lime, honey, crispy tostadas   13

Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Israeli cous cous, black beans, corn, Wainwright cheddar   8


Creamy Sausage & Potato Soup

sour cream, chives   8

Pizzas of the Week

Toasted Pepita

kale pesto, mozzarella, feta, capicola, red onion,

toasted pepitas    22

Ajvar Pizza

Ajvar sauce , sliced zucchini, roasted grape tomatoes, red onion, feta, mozzarella   20


Layer Cake with strawberries, cream cheese frosting, shaved white chocolate

NY Style Cheesecake with Amarena cherries

Hazelnut Crème Brulée